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27 Things About Social Media Your Boss Wants To Know

There is an art to helping out your boss and your company without becoming an office outcast, and one of the best ways to do this is to offer them some simple and proven advice when the opportunity presents itself. Here are 27 tips, tricks, and ideas that your manager will definitely want to know about when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and all other social media sites.

1. Fun Bios Go A Long Way

Taking a few extra minutes to write up a funny and interesting bio for any employees involved with the social media account and all of the managers of the company is a great way to add a face to your business.

2. Professional Pictures Set Social Media Accounts Apart

Professional pictures are more affordable than ever and a photo that doesn’t scale correctly to fit the website is an unprofessional eyesore.

3. Schedule Email Invites Regularly

As your email list grows with current and past customers, use these emails to your advantage. Instead of spamming them every week, schedule a few invites at monthly intervals.

4. All Pages Should Link to Your Social Media Accounts

Outside of a few key pages on a website, essentially every page should have one-click access to sharing or liking on social media.

5. And Vice Versa

Just as your web pages lead to your social media accounts, everything from Twitter to Facebook should have one-click access leading back to the homepage or pertinent product pages.

6. Advertise Your Social Media Accounts Instead of Your Website

Instead of writing out a lengthy web address to a potential new employee, go ahead and have them like your Facebook page and have them contact you through there.

7. Be Helpful and Friendly

A Cardinal Rule of social media is to stay friendly, helpful, and professional at all times. Never get into squabbles on a public forum.

8. Go Easy on the Sales Talk

Social media accounts can link back to product and service pages, but most traffic on these sites and apps are there to be entertained.

9. Always Measure Results

It is important to measure the success of all social media strategies. This may include anything from clickthrough rates to new followers.

10. Create Goals

When you have an accurate way to begin gauging your success, start setting monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals with these accounts.

11. Get As Many Employees On Board As Possible

Make your social media accounts fun for employees as well as clients and customers as they can drive quite a bit of traffic to you.

12. Update As Regularly As Possible

At the very minimum, business owners should be looking to update at least a handful of times per week with major posts a few times a month.

13. Don’t Just Broadcast, Engage

Instead of simply updating your feed or Tweeting a news story, take the time to respond to followers and engage with them in conversation.

14. Social Media Isn’t An Ad Page

As always, keep the conversation on social media pages light, cheerful, and useful for followers.

15. Make Someone Responsible

Pick at least one employee in the company to be responsible for updates and responding to followers.

16. Don’t Treat All Social Networks the Same

The same things don’t need to be shared on LinkedIn as Facebook and owners should know how to pick their outlets.

17. Use Hashtags Appropriately

Managers should be able to pick 10 to 15 of the most important hashtags and then focus on using those when possible.

18. Tag Appropriately

Every employee does not need to be tagged in a company photo so be careful about spamming followers with this information.

19. Marketing Objectives Should Be Rethought Periodically

Whether your current tactics are working perfectly or need some improvement, take some time to tweak them every few weeks.

20. Speak to Other Industry Leaders

Engaging with other industry leaders is not going to give them free advertisement, it will establish your place as a leader in that field.

21. Link to Other Industry Leaders

Unless they are direct competition, feel free to share information from other companies or industry leaders when they put up good posts.

22. Social Media Sites Should Have A “Personality”

Whether you choose to be quirky, sarcastic, or morose, pick a personality and stick to it with all social media accounts.

23. Fun Accounts Get Followers

Unless it goes against your industry, always remember that fun accounts get new followers.

24. Social Media Helps Create Business Relationships Too

Instead of simply searching out new customers, start to look for how your social media accounts can connect with vendors and business partners.

25. Inconsistent Profiles Lose Followers

Even if you are overwhelmed with business one week, always make sure to give followers and friends at least something to read.

26. Integrate These Accounts with All Departments

Social media account information should be forwarded to all pertinent departments such as human resources and customer service.

27. Create Company-Wide Social Media Policies

Finally, as your accounts become more popular, ensure that everyone in the company and everyone with access to those accounts understands that there are policies in place designed to avoid advertising catastrophes.

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