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4 Ways to Sell Your Freelance Work

As a designer who owns my own business, I’m constantly on the lookout for more ways to get my design services in front of more people.

Of course, that’s relevant to any freelance industry – from blog post writing, to social media management, or different forms of consulting. With so many people trying to peddle their craft, you must know how to advertise yourself and find the best places to bring in new clients.

Here are 4 great places to sell your services!

Your Own Website

Clearly, if you can make this work, this is the best option. Your entire site is basically an advertisement for your services, and there’s no competition once they’re on your site, like there is on freelance type websites.

The difficulty here is building up enough traffic and having the resources to create your own site. If this isn’t an option, or you’d like to expand your influence, the next 3 options might intrigue you more.

Partner and Sell on Someone Else’s Site

Let’s say you sell design services, like I do. It’s not too hard to find someone selling similar services online, such as SEO. Many of these people would like to sell more complete packages to their clients in an effort to better serve them. By partnering with an SEO expert, that person can sell SEO + Design packages and raise the price considerably. Of course, you’d get the lion’s share of the income generated from the design sales, but the site owner would get a portion as well for compensation.

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for selling services for $5 apiece. Now, you’re not going to get rich selling $5 services, but hear me out. You can easily sell a very small part of your service for $5, and your happy customers will be more likely to buy your full service in the future. As a designer, I could design a logo, make an ebook cover, design an email template, and many other things for $5. Now, I’ve created a relationship with someone who might come back to me later for more services.

If you do consulting, you could offer 10 minute consultations for $5, and then pitch them for your full product. With SEO, you could do a quick site audit for them. Get creative, and you’ll basically be generating leads that are actually paying you $5 apiece.

Freelance Sites

Two of the most popular freelance sites are and On Odesk, you can respond to postings of entrepreneurs or companies who need a project done, or you can sit back and hope someone contacts you. On Elance, you can bid for projects and pitch how much you’ll do the project for. The secret, in both instances, is to build out your profile as best you can to look professional and accomplished. Often, lower bids will be ignored in favor of someone with more experience and ability.

Where else do you sell your freelance work? Let me know below!

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