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5 Reasons you Should Use Apple Pay and Stripe Payment Gateways on your WordPress Website

There are many forms of payment options that online vendors can accept: debit cards, credit cards, Cash On Delivery (COD), and even bank transfers. However, online retailers are increasingly expanding their options to include more technology-focused gateways.

One such payment option that’s spreading across the web is Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that enables users to make debit or credit card payments using their iPhone. The user enters their card data once and then Apple Pay stores the data for future use. Is Apple pay right for your business? Below are the top 5 reasons you should use Apple Pay and Stripe Payment Gateways on your WordPress Website.

Apple Pay Saves Time

The data can only be accessed and used via Touch ID or Face ID whether you’re making a purchase online or in-store and allows the payment to process in just a few seconds.

Apple Pay Increases Security

Apple Pay isn’t the only technology of its kind, and other platforms such as Google and Samsung offer similar services. So, why should you choose Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a quick and easy way for online customers to pay for your products and services, and it’s also a well-trusted means of payment. Instead of using your real card information Apple Pay generates a one-time use card number that is used when processing a payment so that in the unlikely event that the card data were stolen the only thing that gets leaked is a card number that will never work again.

Brand Recognition

The ‘Apple Pay’ logo is likely to help you gain the trust of your customers and they may be more likely to buy from you knowing that their payment is secure.

Ease of Use

Apple is known for their easy-to-use software and hardware and Apple Pay is no exception. Apple Pay is easy to set up on your WordPress website and is integrated with 588 million Apple users who trust Apple for their easy-to-use payment options.

Apple Pay is Easy to Setup with Stripe

Apple Pay for WooCommerce is most easily set up via Stripe. This means that a combination of WooCommerce and Stripe will enable you to quickly and securely add Apple Pay to your WordPress website. Contact Us today and we can help set this up on your website.

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