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5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Web Design Today

When people visit your website, you have approximately seven to 10 seconds to impress them and convince them to explore your site more fully before they decide to leave. Businesses that lead their industries don’t just have the best products, they are the companies that communicate what it is they are selling the clearest and fastest!

Your website is the primary interface your business has with potential new customers. This is the platform where you present to visitors your brand identity and what you have to offer. All your website elements – from the design, content, images, to graphics and SEO – have to work in a unified and synchronous manner with the goal of converting visitors into customers.

If you are not getting the results you need from your website in order for your company to thrive in the marketplace, then it is time to consider ways to improve the functionality and performance of your site. Even if you have a clean and professional website, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is generating the customers you need to be competitive.

As your business and the marketplace evolve, you should frequently be thinking of ways to make your website more dynamic and functional.

5 Ways to Improve Your Web Design

1)  Simple and Clear Navigation

Your website should be designed from a user’s perspective. Think about occasions when you have visited websites only to find the navigation is muddled and ambiguous. Was it difficult to get around the site? Was there order or confusion when it came to the navigation menu?

It is imperative that you simplify your website navigation for users. Clear and intuitive navigation is sure to increase your website conversion rate.

Here are some tips for ensuring your site navigation is clear and transparent:

Number of Items on Main Menu:  Keep the number of main items on your navigation menu to seven or fewer. This does not include the drop-down menus.

Quick & Easy Navigation:  A user should be able to access any point on your website from any other area within three clicks or less.

Precise Descriptions:  Be sure to be as descriptive as you can with the navigation tabs and links.

Fixed Navigation Bar:  Always make sure your navigation bar is static for easy access to various pages on your site and to enhance the user experience.

2)  Improve Web Page Uploading Speed

How fast a page on your site loads is one of the most critical factors when it comes to visitors deciding to stay or leave – or bounce – from your site. Consider that more than half of the people who come to your website on a mobile device will leave if it takes longer than three seconds for a page to load! 

So when it comes to web design, your pages need to upload right away, and that goes for transaction pages on your site, as well. You will lose potential customers if they experience even just a two-second delay in your page loading time during a transaction. They will leave the shopping cart, and you will have lost a potential customer.

Here are ways to optimize and speed up your website. They include:

  • Optimize Images

  • Optimize the Home Page

  • Reduce Plugins

  • Minimize the Use of Redirects

  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • Clean Up Framework and Themes

Page speed should be one of your main priorities when it comes to enhancing the design of your website.

 3)  Include Calls to Action

Once someone has arrived at your website, you need to make it easy and intuitive for them to find what your business is selling. Nurture visitors on your site to conversion!

One effective method for guiding your website visitors to the right pages – where transactions can take place – is having strategically placed calls to action. Place them where they will be noticed right away, such as at the top right of your navigation, or below sections that require action, and at the bottom of your pages.

Make sure you avoid the temptation to inundate visitors with calls to action. Be conservative and strategic with the placement of your calls to action. For example, if your visitor is exploring a page on your site that contains instructions for building bookcases, this person is still becoming acquainted with your products, and it would be premature to put a call to action on this page.

In this example, instead of coming at them with a call to action, invite visitors to view a comprehensive guide for custom bookcase building materials.

4)  Make Your Website Mobile Ready

 Mobile optimization is a must now-a-days for business websites. Why should you organize your website for mobile?

Consider that 80 percent of Internet users own a smartphone.  What’s more, mobile accounts for approximately half of Web traffic worldwide.  In the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices – not including tablets – generated 54 percent of global website traffic, consistently hovering around the 50-percent mark since the beginning of 2017, according to Statista.

That is why designing your site for mobile users is critical to remaining competitive in the twenty-first century marketplace. When it comes to navigating on your site with a mobile device, consider aspects such as how much do visitors need to scroll to reach relevant information on your products or services, and do the images line up properly. Can they access interior pages quickly and easily using a mobile device?

 5)  Include Ample White Space on Your Pages

 Whitespace is an important design element that significantly enhances readability and breaks up the copy so your content is more appealing to read.

When you apply the right amount of whitespace to a page on your site, you aid users in distinguishing between the various sections of copy and guide them in the proper grouping of visual elements.

When used properly, whitespace guides the user’s eye to important information like a call to action or a value proposition.

Web Design Improvements Can Lead to More Revenue for Your Business

Remember, the overarching objective for your website is to improve the performance, user experience, and customer conversion rates of your site.

When you put to use the aforementioned recommendations for your website design, you are likely to experience tangible, positive results that heighten website traffic and increase interest in your content. This could very well lead to generating more customers and enjoying a stronger bottom line.

Let Lemon Head Design Help Your Business Succeed Online

Lemon Head Design is a web services agency that has a proven track record of helping businesses be successful with well-designed, money-making websites. Our award-winning designers produce websites with the user in mind so businesses can more easily connect with potential customers.

Among the online services we provide are Web development, Web maintenance, graphic design, marketing services, and Chatbot with Live Chat and SMS.

With Lemon Head Design, we will create a professional, eye-catching website that attracts the people you want as customers, all while contributing to your bottom line! 

For more than a dozen years, Lemon Head Design has been the premier source for website design in Utah. We have helped hundreds of our clients succeed online.  Why shouldn’t our next client be you?


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