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ADA Compliance and WordPress


What is ADA compliance? In 2010 The United States Department of Justice released “The Americans with Disabilities Act” or ADA Standards for Web Accessible Design. This act was put in place to ensure that disabled persons can easily access a business’s website. In order to ensure that a business’s website is ADA compliant it is…

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5 Reasons you Should Use Apple Pay and Stripe Payment Gateways on your WordPress Website

There are many forms of payment options that online vendors can accept: debit cards, credit cards, Cash On Delivery (COD), and even bank transfers. However, online retailers are increasingly expanding their options to include more technology-focused gateways. One such payment option that’s spreading across the web is Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a mobile payment…

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5 Crucial Tactics to Increase Your Shopping Cart Conversion

No matter how life-changing your product may be, guiding the customer to the checkout phase, and then beyond, can be a delicate process. Knowing what to do (and what not to do) along the way is all-important if you want customers to follow through on their purchases. Here are five important tips to help you…

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