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How to Choose the Perfect Designer for your Site

With the Internet, anybody can go online and start a business – and a common business is web design.

You get some people who read a book about HTML, play around with Photoshop for a bit, and launch a website with a “Buy Now” button.

Is that the person you want designing your site? How can you know if the person that you’re researching is the right person for you to drop a couple grand on for your site?

Here’s how to find the perfect designer:

  1. They Have Real Credentials
  2. Like I was saying above, any person with the barest ability can launch a business – but not all of them have credentials they can sport.

    Do they have a college degree in web design or something similar?

    Do they have certificates in Photoshop or other design programs?

    Have they won any awards?

    Have they designed sites for any quality clients?

    While they might not check off all these points (many great designers don’t have certificates or degrees), be sure you’re confident in their ability before you proceed any further.

  3. They’ve Designed Something You Like
  4. It’s much easier for a designer to know what you like if you can give them an example. It’s even better if that example comes from their personal portfolio.

    Spend a decent amount of time going through their past work – have they done anything that you would find worthy to point to and say “I want my site to look like that?”

  5. Their Focus is on Results
  6. Let’s face it. You don’t really care about having a site. You care about making sales, or getting donations, or whatever your endgame is. A site is just a means to an end.

    If your designer’s only goal seems to be to make visually appealing sites, that’s not enough. You need a designer who will consider your business, what your goals are, and then design a site streamlined to accomplish those goals.

    Carefully read his site copy to see where his focus is, and also keep that in mind when contacting him.

  7. They’re Local
  8. While it might not seem like it matters to find someone local for a site that can be seen worldwide, it definitely has its advantages. For example, you may need to meet with your designer in person to get to know about him a little better. You might want to have a lunch together to really explain what you want and what your business is about.

    Finding a local designer is especially important if your business is local as well. You’ll have someone who understands who your target market is better than someone who lives across the country. Your designer can often give you a few SEO tips as well, and they’ll understand the local business scene better than someone else would.

    What else do you look for in a designer?

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