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How to Market a Business Locally

There are many techniques and strategies that a business owner can use in order to effectively market their business locally, and by using all of these strategies simultaneously, the owner can significantly raise the revenue of the business and attract many new local customers. 

Create A Website 

One of the first steps that a business owner can take is to create a website. The website should have a large amount of details about the business and about the products and services that it offers. 

In addition, the website can allow customers to easily place orders online (if your business offers retail), and the business can give the customer the choice of picking the order up in the store or having it delivered to the customer's home. 

Local SEO 

Once the business owner has created a website, they can focus on optimizing it for keywords and keyword phrases that are used locally. 

Usually, a business owner can rank the website high in the rankings of the search engines much more quickly for local keywords than for keywords that are used nationally or internationally due to the fact that local keywords have less competition. 

Pay-Per-Click Marketing 

The business owner can use pay-per-click marketing in order to quickly place ads for the business on hundreds of other websites that are in the same niche. 

In addition, a business owner who is using a pay-per-click marketing program, such as Google Adwords or Adwords Express, will be able to target certain geographical locations with their ads, ensuring that it is money well spent.

Putting The Business On The Map 

The business owner can place the address of the business in various directories online, and as a result, the business will show up on various maps that people view frequently, such as Google Maps. Be sure to include creating a Google+ business page, which will further boost your online presence and local impact.

Use Billboards 

Billboards are very effective advertising tools due to their large size and due to the fact that people who drive on a certain route will see them very frequently. The business should include its phone number or the URL of its website on the billboard, and make sure that the billboard itself is memorable.

Posting Ads in The Local Newspapers 

Many business owners forget to post ads in their local newspapers, and as a result, this method of advertising remains largely untapped in many areas. 

Potential customers usually don't look for classified ads in certain sections of a newspaper unless they are looking for a specific type of product or service, and as a result, ads in newspapers can generate very high conversion rates. 

Post Ads On Targeted Websites

Certain websites allow people to post ads for specific geographical areas, and some of these websites, such as Craigslist and Backpage, receive thousands of visitors from many different geographical areas per day. 

Mail Flyers Or Brochures 

A business can mail flyers or brochures to people who live in the area, and the business can offer certain discounts in the flyers. 

There are many techniques that a business owner can utilize in order to effectively market their business locally. Some of these include creating a detailed website, local SEO, pay-per-click marketing, adding the business to various maps, using billboards, posting ads in the local newspapers, posting ads on certain websites and mailing flyers and brochures. 

Aubrey Phelps is a writer for Fibernet. She has been in the SEO industry for six years, and enjoys spending her days off with family and friends. 

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