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Marketing Components of a Law Firm Website

The legal industry is highly competitive and that means your law firm needs to stand out from the competition and be well-positioned to acquire new clients. One way of accomplishing this is by having a website that showcases the unique talent and special skills of your lawyers so that visitors will be motivated to inquire about your legal services.

A compelling website can serve as a powerful marketing tool for your law practice. It can help you stand out from the crowd by presenting your expertise and your approach to law in a way that positively influences your website visitors. With your website, you want to demonstrate to the public that your law practice possesses the knowledge to take their legal case and win.

The goal of your website is to convert visitors into clients.  So, the question becomes, what is your website doing to increase traffic, and garner targeted leads so your law business doesn’t just survive, but thrives? 

How people search for attorneys has changed from years past when directories were the main means of finding the right lawyer. Nearly 75 percent of individuals looking for an attorney begin their search online. And 98 percent use a search engine to find a lawyer and more than 70 percent visit a law firm’s website prior to deciding which law practice to hire, according to the National Law Review

In this blog article, we will examine ways that you can leverage content marketing – your professional website – to draw more attention to your firm, cultivate clients and operate a successful law practice.

Marketing Features of a Successful Law Firm Website

Use Call to Action (CTAs)

Media consumer studies reveal that you have seven to 10 seconds to captivate a visitor on your website before they leave your site. So, the visitor must quickly see value in your site in order to potentially become your newest client.

One effective way to draw the attention of visitors on your website is having plenty of calls to action. Calls to Action or CTAs, are links or buttons that present explicit instructions for a visitor to your site. These CTAs are intended to motivate online users to learn more about your law practice and ultimately to hire your law firm.

Examples of CTAs are the following:

  1. Call for a Free Consultation 
  2. Schedule an Appointment 
  3. >Learn More 
  4. Talk with an Attorney

These CTAs are the perfect way to convert visitors into new leads for your law firm. The best CTAs have clear messages, create urgency, and drive the user to action.

Showcase Your Expertise

First and foremost, your website should emphasize the expertise, or bona fides of your attorneys so that you can impress visitors and convince them that they need to hire your law firm. Your website should set aside real estate – your About Us Page – to present the credentials and expertise of your lawyers.  Include flattering, business-like photos and highlight their relevant experience.

You want to leave no doubt in the online user’s mind that your law practice has the knowledge and reputation for winning cases. Your website is the ideal tool to enable your law firm to stand out from the competition. You want your website to display the services your practice offers and list memberships to relevant law associations and foundations. Also include any awards or special honors that your law practice has received.

Another way your website can underscore your law firm’s expertise is by offering case studies. In your case studies, you profile legal cases that you’ve won for your clients, which creates a positive impression for visitors on your site. You give the perception that you have a highly successful law firm that knows how to win cases.

Employ a Content Management System (CMS)

One main marketing component for your website is a content management system, (CMS).  A bespoke CMS can streamline the mundane aspects of your law firm via automation.

For example, as one of your primary objectives of your website is to provide outreach to new leads, you want to make contact forms on your website easy to use for visitors. A CMS enables your law practice to completely customize various forms for your site so you are able to receive detailed information from different user buckets. You then automate who on your team receives that information. This is an efficient way to manage client inquiries.

You can also leverage a CMS to take content from one place on your website and put it into another without replicating content. For instance, perhaps you showcase articles written by one of your attorneys in your blog on your website. Your CMS will enable you to simply select posts to pull into each respective lawyer’s profile page without having to write it out and manually link to every post.

Optimize for SEO

You absolutely want your website to receive organic traffic, or draw visitors from well-known search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A well developed, content-rich website will play a key role in growing your law practice via organic search engine optimization, or SEO.

When you build in SEO into your law firm website, you will reap the benefits that come in the form of a reliable pool of new leads. These leads are coming from online users searching for law practices in your area. More now than ever, people are using search engines to find the law firm that will best meet their needs.

You want your website to rank very high on Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs, so you attract the attention of online users before they view your competition. The goal is for your law practice to rank higher than other law firms so you draw sufficient numbers of online users to your website.  This allows you to replenish your lead pool.

Some methods for enhancing SEO on your website include making sure your site architecture is navigable and intuitive. You want all your pages to load quickly. Also, metadata tags need to be optimized. You will also achieve better rankings on search engines if you have backlinks – links from other well-established, authoritative websites connecting to your website.

Share Client Testimonials

By posting rave reviews from your clients on your website, you build trust and increase your credibility with your clients. Visitors to your site will be more inclined to hire your law firm after they have read how successful your practice has been at winning cases similar to theirs.

Client testimonials are one of the most powerful forms of content marketing. You can provide some testimonials on your HOME Page, and it is prudent to dedicate a page on your website exclusively to client reviews.

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