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The Dark Side of Website Promotion: Tricks that Search Engines DO NOT LIKE

It seems that everybody is aware of the most universal principles of the right SEO. Numerous website, forums, blogs and articles are dedicated to this important topic. Still, there are people who are trying to improve the ranking of the site using cheap and extremely incorrect methods. Specialist repeat over and over again that correct website promotion which meets the requirements of search engines is crucial for the success of your website, from time to time one can observe the so-called “Black Hat” promotion.

In fact, search engines are familiar with all these clever and not always fair methods. “Punishment” for the website, which will be caught in the use of “Black Hat” methods of promotion, may be different. For example, the website can lose its rating or it can be completely expelled from the SERP. It is possible that these tricks will remain unnoticed for the search engines during some period of time, but they will definitely stop working sooner or later.

Let’s enumerate the most widespread methods of “Black Hat” website promotion.

Invisible text

Hiding texts and key words on the website is a technique which is aimed to bring traffic and higher ranking to the website. This text is hidden from visitors of the website, but visible for search engines. The problem is that search engines have learned to track invisible text long time ago. The website using this method is taking a risk to be banned by the search engine.

Keyword density

All recommendations for website content state that the text must have keywords which will allow the website to increase ranking. The trick is that you should try not to overdo it. Excessive adding keywords to the text can lead to negative results. Your visitor will definitely face an unreadable and incoherent text. At the same time, search engines will use filters and the website may be easily estimated as spam.

Automatically generated content

Text published on the website should be clear and readable for every user of your website. There are many engines that offer automatically generated texts made according to your key words. But the only term suitable for such content is “nonsense”. Search engines are constantly monitoring the emergence of such texts and can apply filters to the websites. Therefore, experienced webmasters will tell you that only people should write texts.

Copying content

Many people believe that they can copy information from another website (for example, a similar company working in a different region) and publish it on their own website. But search engines are constantly fighting with copying content. If the search engine spiders find out that you are using this “Black Hat” SEO method, they can remove a portion of the website pages from their index and downgrade website’s position in SERP. In order to avoid these unpleasant consequences, the website owner should guarantee the uniqueness of the content published on the website.

In fact, the most important detail of high rating is the website itself. Unique and relevant content, nice strategy of website optimization and user-friendly interface are those criteria which will certainly lead your website to success.

About the author: The article is written by Melisa Marzett, an experienced writer and active blogger. Melisa prefers to work on such topics as web design, SEO and marketing. She also writes for Melisa is always ready to communicate at Google+.

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