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Top 5 Signs You’re Doing Social Media Wrong

If you have five followers or barely any status updates, your social media habits need to change. For marketing professionals, social media is more than swapping recipes and bonding with old high school friends. It is a strong tool to connect with current customers, potential clients and watch your competitors’ behavior. Many signs point to poor social media use, but you can change that with a little online upkeep.

Your Posts Are Not Relevant

At the very minimum, post to social media at least once a day. For marketing purposes, you should be active throughout the day with multiple postings. Your updates should not be picture diaries of your various lunch meals, however. Post relevant information that is engaging for readers. With all of the information flowing through multiple social media sites, your post needs to stand out. Find interesting facts about your industry, including historical references. Any information to keep customers listening is the key to good social media use.

People Feel Alienated

Every business wants to bring in as many clients as possible. People have varied backgrounds, from their religion to nationality. Do not post any derogatory or controversial information about politics, religion or race. You do not know who may be offended, including a very lucrative client. Social media for marketing purposes must remain professional. Picture a group of clients sitting in front of you as you compose your post. If you cannot say it out loud with clients in the room, do not post it on social media.

You Forgot About Your Company

You are not alone in the social media sea. Don’t forget to link your company’s website and relevant contacts to your social media accounts. Clients reading your posts can automatically contact your company with questions or sales calls. Allow your marketing team to design a unique wallpaper for your social media account to further entice clients when they visit your posts. A company logo and corresponding company colors create a polished look to impress clients. Making communication easier between you, the client and your company increases sales dramatically.

What Competitors?

Competition is fierce in some industries, such as real estate. Being blind to your competitors’ actions makes you vulnerable to more competition and potentially lower sales. Use private lists on some social media sites to watch your competitors’ posts without officially following them. You do not want them to know you are aware of their activities. This strategy gives you an edge during sale negotiations, especially if you and your competitor share a common client.

Conversations Seem Old Fashioned

Posts are not static declarations. Comment on your post if people join in on the conversation. Create an instant messaging conversation with an online client. Engaging your client helps them feel comfortable with you, especially if you offer a few industry tips. When it comes to a future sale, your client feels that they owe you a favor because of the previous tips. Using reciprocation in social media conversations helps your bottom line soar.

Using social media correctly takes some consideration of your post quality. Read your posts to yourself before sending them. Correct grammar and spelling for a more polished online presence. Clients still want a professional regardless of the particular industry. Keep your comments clean and concise to entice clients onto your media page for increased revenue.

Derek is blogging for Hudson Horizons, an integrated web agency located in northern New Jersey. He enjoys blogging about social media, SEO and web development.

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