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What Every Attorney Needs to Know About Web Design

There are nearly 290 million Internet users in the United States, and approximately 90 percent of all Americans search the Internet occasionally or regularly. This means that, as an attorney, in order to be relevant and to ensure you are adequately reaching your potential new clients, you need to have a strong Web presence. 

Having a functional and beautifully-designed website for your law firm is a must if you want to run a profitable law practice. A recent Nielson survey found that about 75 percent of people in the U.S. who are searching for an attorney search online. This is why you not only need a website, but a well-designed and highly functional website if you want to convert visitors into clients. 

You should strive to have your website be both informative and visually appealing so people who visit your site will engage with your website pages and become interested in your legal services. You want all the important aspects of your law firm to be accurately presented in a way that is user friendly and easy to read.

How an Attorney Benefits from a Custom Professional Website Design 

Brings Credibility & Trust to Your Law Firm 

You as an attorney will convey to existing and potential clients that you are associated with an esteemed law firm by having a professional website that showcases testimonials from previous clients and legal associations. This boosts your legitimacy significantly, while also impressing potential new clients. 

Having a well-designed website that includes attractive images, eye-catching graphics, and sterling testimonials will help to ensure that your law firm stands out from the competition. People inherently trust businesses that are well liked and respected. And a well-designed website goes a long way toward solidifying the perception among clients that your law practice has an excellent reputation.   

You can take it one step further by using a blog service. When you include blogs on your website, you establish your authority and enhance your legitimacy in your field.  This is yet another way to cultivate greater trust and credibility among existing and new clients as they observe through your blogs your knowledge of legal issues and your expertise in the legal profession. 

Increases Brand Awareness & Visibility 

When you have a website that is designed extremely well, it will heighten your brand and law firm’s image. There is nothing like a well-designed website to draw accolades and positive attention from the general public, and that includes people who are in need of your legal services. 

People equate well-presented websites with stature in a particular industry. So, when your law practice presents a website that is intuitive, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, it will likely be talked about and shared among family members, friends and co-workers. This “chatter” that takes place, including on social media channels, fosters more awareness for the brand of your law firm. 

Increases Number of Clients 

The objective of your well-designed website should be to see a rise in your client base while showcasing a professional brand for your law practice. Having an appealing and beautiful website will spur visitors on your site to request more information and inquire about your legal services. This increases the likelihood for your law firm of acquiring more clients from a steady pool of excited prospects. 

Features of a Well-Designed Attorney Website 

An Appointment Request Form 

An aspect of any competently designed attorney website is an appointment request form, which allows website visitors to present information having to do with their circumstances, their location, and, ideally, you, as the lawyer can convert this prospect into a new client. 

This form enables an attorney to discover the pertinent facts of someone who is interested in their legal services. The lawyer obtains all the necessary information from a client prospect so they can begin to put together a legal case rather than relying on multiple phone calls and scattered conversations to accomplish the same objective as the appointment request form did. 

Attractive and Visually Appealing Design Elements

Part of having a well-designed website is incorporating eye-catching design elements. These design elements might include custom photographs, a flashy new logo, striking graphics, bright colors, and attention-grabbing slideshows.  

This design appeal will give your site a polished, professional presence. It will also entice visitors who are on your site to investigate your services and motivate them to spend more time on your pages, which increases the chances of them becoming a new client.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign 

Incorporating SEO keywords and other SEO elements will potentially bring much greater exposure for your website to the public on Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs. An SEO campaign will result in an improved ranking online for your business, more traffic to your site, and greater brand recognition. 

The higher your rankings on primary search engines such as Bing and Google, the more likely people interested in your legal services will notice your business website before your competitors.  The competition among law firms is fierce, which is why you want to leverage SEO capabilities for your website so your practice garners the lion’s share of online users who are searching for an attorney. 

A Law Practice Area Page 

Whatever type of law your firm practices, you will want a practice area section for your website. Simply provide basic information having to do with laws, claims, and what steps a person interested in your services should take following an incident. 

You also want to showcase in this section your law firm’s areas of expertise and credentials, as well as experience. 

An Attorney Profiles Page 

This is the perfect real estate on your website to present your attorneys’ profiles in a pleasing format that invites visitors to read further. You should feature professional photographs of your attorneys so potential new clients can become comfortable with who they are and how they present themselves. 

Look to Lemon Head Design to Develop Your Attorney Website 

Let our expert website designers create a website for your law firm that captures the attention of people who might be interested in obtaining legal representation. We will leverage best practices for web design that will impress visitors to your site and inspire them to become your next client. 

Your law firm is in trusted hands with Lemon Head Design as we develop a custom, professional website that will showcase your law practice in the most attractive presentation that will get you noticed. The website that we develop for you will enable your firm to stand out from the competition and generate a steady pool of eager prospects to keep your bottom line strong. 

Let Lemon Head Design Help Your Business Succeed Online 

Lemon Head Design is a web services agency that has a proven track record of helping businesses – and dental practices – be successful with well-designed, money-making websites. Our award-winning designers produce websites with the user in mind so businesses can more easily connect with potential customers. 

Among the online services we provide are Web development, Web maintenance, graphic design, marketing services, and Chatbot with Live Chat and SMS. 

With Lemon Head Design, we will create a professional, eye-catching website that attracts the people you want as customers, all while contributing to your bottom line!  

For more than a dozen years, Lemon Head Design has been the premier source for website design in Utah. We have helped hundreds of our clients succeed online.  Why shouldn’t our next client be you?


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