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What is Backlinking and Why Is It Important for My Online Marketing

It is vital that your business stands out in a crowded marketplace as you set out to identify ways to draw more consumers to your products or services. Clearly, SEO is what determines where your company will rank on search engine results pages, or SERPs. But there are various aspects to SEO. For example, there are numerous factors that influence how high your business will rank on a search engine. 

This is where backlinking comes in. Backlinks are an essential SEO factor when it comes to the visibility and awareness of your company online. Backlinks will show to search engines like Bing and Google that your website has authority. This is especially true if other high-authority domains link to your website. 

What is Backlinking? 

In essence, backlinks are links from other websites to your website. Backlinks are ideal for your search performance when they come from reputable websites. 

Backlinks are one important feature of SEO. Backlinking occurs off your website, which is why it is referred to as off-page SEO. The content on your business website is known as on-page SEO. 

When executed well, backlinks can serve as building blocks for your SEO strategy as they are an essential factor that Google uses to rank websites on SERPs. 

If your website is connected to high quality backlinks, your business is essentially receiving endorsements. These backlinks are recommending your website to online users over other websites that have no backlinks or poor ones. In essence, backlinks represent a vote of confidence from one website to another. Backlinks to your company site indicate to search engines that other high-authority websites vouch for your content. 

How Backlinks Can Pay Off for Your Business 

  • Websites that rank #1 on Google have 3.8 times more backlinks than the rest of the top 10 sites;
  • As much as 99 percent of all top 50 results on SERPs had at least one external link pointing to their website; 
  • In 2019, SEO experts said external links were one of the three most valuable aspects of their search optimization strategies; 
  • About 50 percent of marketers report that they noticed positive effects of general link building strategies within one to three months of executing these tactics;

6 Reasons That Backlinking is Important for Your Business 

 1)  Backlinks Increase Domain Authority 

Although domain authority is not a Google ranking, the vast majority of SEO tools utilize this metric to identify ways to improve your strategy by comparing your website to the competition. If your company’s website has high domain authority, then you stand a greater chance of being listed high on SERPs. 

You can use domain authority to gauge your improvement in SEO and determine if your online marketing initiatives are boosting your search engine rankings. 

 2)  Backlinks Boost Brand Awareness 

Branding is an important element in motivating consumers to want to purchase your products or services. It is also essential to differentiate your company from your competitors. Ultimately, the brand that enjoys the most visibility typically captures the most attention of consumers and makes more sales. 

Backlinks are an ideal way to boost the visibility of your brand. Backlinks from authoritative websites will result in an influx of new qualified leads to your business. All of these backlinks – distributed on various websites in your niche – will convince consumers that you are a major player in the marketplace. This stimulates greater brand awareness. 

Increasing your brand awareness is critical to ensuring that you have a reliable and consistent pool of qualified leads to add to your customer base. 

You will be able to increase brand awareness by earning backlinks from highly respected websites that could bring in scores of monthly visitors to your site. 

 3)  Backlinks will Increase Referrals to Your Website 

When you regularly backlink, you are bound to boost the number of online users to your site through referral traffic. For example, people who read a popular website may click on your backlinks, which brings them to a relevant page to learn more about a specific topic. 

A good backlink will funnel referral traffic to your site in an indirect way. This takes place when people click on links in an article or blog post and land on the web page of a different website. 

One of the best benefits of referral traffic from backlinks is that it includes visitors who are interested to learn more about your content. These online users are predisposed to want to purchase your products or services. That’s the power of referral traffic!

 4)  Backlinks Increase Trust & Authority for Your Brand 

You will find that backlinks build trust and authority for your business. This happens the more your brand is featured on authoritative websites. 

The more endorsements you have from reputable websites, the higher your ranking will be in search engines. All of this positive attention persuades consumers to bestow greater trust in these leading companies.  

Backlinks have the capability to bring more authority to a company that excels at this type of online marketing. When a business has so many endorsements from highly authoritative websites, it can also result in that company being viewed as an influencer or thought leader in their industry. 

 5)  Backlinks Could Boost Revenue 

If done right, backlinks could over time generate more revenue for your business. As backlinks make it possible for your company to achieve higher rankings and greater visibility on SERPS, the number of qualified leads will increase dramatically. 

The more online users who click on your backlinks and read your content, the greater the chance you have to convert more visitors into customers on your site. 

A lot of these new visitors to your site will convert into your newest customers, and that means more people will be buying your products or services. As you can see, backlinks can serve as a driving force in increasing your revenue. 

6)  Higher Page Authority

This is another common SEO scoring metric that is based on backlinks. Page Authority (PA) was created by Moz, and it measures the strength of a website on the page level, as opposed to the domain level, such as Domain Authority.

PA scores range from 1 to 100, with higher PA scores suggesting a better possibility of a website page ranking in the SERPs for its target search queries.

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