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Why Providing Info is More Profitable than Selling a Product

The most high-valued commodity on the Internet is knowledge and information.

Think about it.

Why do you Google something? Isn’t it almost always to learn something? Maybe you’re trying to remember an actor’s name, where the closest Italian restaurant is, or how to build a good sales funnel – regardless, you came online to learn something.

And that directly relates to your online business. Once you realize the behavior of your prospective clients (and especially why they do things), you can begin to unlock the secret behind more sales.

Sell Information, Not Your Product

The last time you bought a car or a flat-screen TV, I’m guessing you did some online research. And it probably wasn’t a 10 minute casual glance at some third-rate website.

You were thorough. You went to trusted sources and read all the reviews. You checked out prices at a dozen different sites before you really thought about buying.

In other words, people usually have an idea of something they might be interested in, and then go online to find information, not just a product order page.

With my web design business, I understand that someone doesn’t go to Google, search out a keyword I rank for, click on my site first, and buy without researching. Unfortunately, that’s the mindset of many online business owners, and they fail miserably.

I’ve come to realize that people come online to research and learn, not to immediately buy (of course, I’m not talking about a $3 cord you just pop over and buy on Amazon – I’m talking about the bigger buying decisions).

And your goal should be to become a trusted resource for the same product you’re offering.

Strategies for Educating Your Readers

My goal, as an online business owner, is to be a broker of information who also happens to sell web design services. I provide thorough information for someone looking into web design, and then give them compelling reasons to choose my service over others.

And one of the main strategies I use is a blog. Now, I’m not the most diligent blog updater in the world (after all, my talents lie with web design), but when I do post, I try to make it extremely useful. I offer tips and tricks related to my field.

By giving out my secrets, I’m also positioning myself as the most knowledgeable web designer my readers know. They’ll trust that by buying my product, they’ll get top-quality work.

You might be thinking, “How can I be a great resource and provide knowledge when I can’t even write?”

Here’s the deal. You’re a business owner with a product to sell, not the next great mommy blogger. Your business model isn’t to bring people back to your site every single day and entertain them. You don’t have to be laugh-out-loud funny or have great stories to tell.

Like I explained above, people are interested in a product or service, and want to read about it. All they need is someone real, down to earth, and an expert in their field. Be yourself and just share what you know. That’s really the big secret!

Have you thought about doing a blog along with selling your products?

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