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Case Study with Bare Moon Baby Co and Lemon Head Design

Case Study: Lemon Head Design’s E-Commerce Project and Online Marketing Solutions for


Client: Kylee Jolley, Owner of
Industry: Custom Baby Clothing
Location: Utah, USA
Project Timeline: August 2022 – Present


As a burgeoning e-commerce brand in the competitive custom baby clothing industry, faced several key challenges:

  1. Establishing an Effective Online Presence: Essential for any e-commerce entity, particularly in a niche market.
  2. Customer Engagement and Retention: Building a robust customer base and maintaining engagement through effective marketing strategies.
  3. Sales Optimization: Maximizing revenue through targeted advertising and user-friendly shopping experiences.
  4. Cyber Security and Web Maintenance: Ensuring the security and smooth operation of the e-commerce platform.


Lemon Head Design implemented a multifaceted strategy to address these challenges:

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Development

  • Timeline: Initiated in August 2022.
  • Objective: To provide a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience for customers.
  • Outcome: A fully functional e-commerce shopping cart integrated into

Mailchimp Integration for Email Marketing

  • Strategy: Connect Mailchimp to the e-commerce platform for automated customer email list building.
  • Benefits: Enabled Kylee Jolley to nurture customer relationships through newsletters and targeted email campaigns.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing Training

  • Expert Consultation: Mackenzie, Social Media Expert at Lemon Head Design.
  • Focus Areas: Training in effective influencer marketing and managing Facebook campaigns.
  • Result: Enhanced brand visibility and customer engagement on social media platforms.

Google Shopping Ads Campaign

  • Implementation: Set up and management of Google Shopping Ads.
  • Aim: To increase visibility and drive sales through targeted online advertising.

Web Maintenance and Cyber Security

  • Services Provided: Ongoing web maintenance, hosting, and implementation of cyber security best practices.
  • Impact: Ensured a secure and reliable online shopping environment for customers.


Since April 2023, these integrated strategies have yielded significant results for

  • Sales Growth: Generated over $8,849 in new sales orders.
  • Projected Growth: On track to triple sales figures in the coming year.
  • Market Positioning: Transition from a startup to a leading baby clothes e-commerce brand in Utah.


Lemon Head Design’s comprehensive approach, combining technological expertise with targeted marketing strategies, has been instrumental in catapulting to a position of prominence in the Utah baby clothing market. The success story of underlines the importance of a holistic approach to e-commerce development, encompassing not just website functionality but also customer engagement, marketing, and cyber security.

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