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Ellsworth Law Firm and Lemon Head Design Case Study

Case Study: The Digital Success of Ellsworth Law Firm with Lemon Head Design

Lemon Head Design, a comprehensive digital marketing and web design agency, embarked on a transformative journey with Dale Ellsworth, the visionary behind Ellsworth Law Firm, based in Lehi, Utah. Dale Ellsworth, previously associated with a large law firm, aspired to establish his legal practice. This case study outlines the strategic partnership between Lemon Head Design and Dale Ellsworth, detailing the steps taken to transition Ellsworth from an employee to a successful entrepreneur through effective online marketing and web development strategies.


The primary challenge was to transition Dale Ellsworth from working at a large law firm to owning and operating his own business, Ellsworth Law Firm. The goal was to establish a strong online presence that could serve multiple purposes: generating leads, acting as a digital brochure for services offered, and ultimately, supporting the firm’s growth as a new entrant in the competitive legal market of Lehi, Utah.


Website Development

Lemon Head Design initiated the project by developing a robust, user-friendly website for Ellsworth Law Firm ( The website was designed to reflect the firm’s professionalism, expertise, and the comprehensive range of legal services it offers, with a special focus on family law, Medicaid, Estate Planning, and Guardianship & Conservatorship in Utah.

Google Local Ads

To further enhance the firm’s visibility and attract potential clients, Lemon Head Design successfully got Ellsworth Law Firm approved by Google Local Ads as a preferred Family Lawyer in Lehi, Utah, and surrounding areas. This strategic move was instrumental in bringing in multiple leads within the first month of the campaign.

Social Media Marketing

The marketing efforts were complemented by social media marketing, personally managed by Dale’s wife. Her role in creating engaging content and interacting with the community on social media platforms played a crucial role in enhancing the firm’s digital presence and reach.

Content Strategy

Dale Ellsworth took an active role in the firm’s content strategy by writing weekly blogs. This not only helped in establishing his expertise in family law but also significantly contributed to the website’s content richness, making it a valuable resource for potential clients.

SEO Optimization

Recognizing the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), Lemon Head Design and Ellsworth Law Firm are now focusing on optimizing the website’s SEO. This ongoing effort aims to improve the firm’s search engine rankings, making it more visible to individuals searching for legal services in the area.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Ellsworth Law Firm plans to leverage backlinks to enhance its keyword rankings on Google. This strategy is scheduled to be implemented after building a substantial client base through Google Local Service Ads, aiming to further elevate the firm’s online visibility and attract more clients.


The collaborative efforts between Lemon Head Design and Ellsworth Law Firm have laid a solid foundation for Dale Ellsworth’s entrepreneurial journey. The strategic use of digital marketing tools and techniques has not only facilitated the successful launch of Ellsworth Law Firm but also positioned it for ongoing growth. It’s inspiring to witness Dale and his wife, alongside Lemon Head Design, leveraging the power of digital marketing to achieve entrepreneurial success and make significant strides in the competitive legal industry.


The case of Ellsworth Law Firm exemplifies the critical role of digital marketing and a well-crafted online presence in the success of modern businesses. Through the partnership with Lemon Head Design, Ellsworth Law Firm has successfully transitioned from concept to reality, showcasing the power of collaborative efforts, strategic planning, and the effective use of digital platforms in achieving business objectives.

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