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10 Email Subject Line Templates that Sell

Just about everyone that searches through their inbox will realize that the vast majority of emails go unread. Even when emails are specifically requested by a past client or potential lead, it does not take much for them to get lost in piles of spam. That being said, an effective email campaign can still be an incredibly cost-effective form of advertising, and it all starts with writing the perfect subject line. Anyone looking to increase the ROI of their email campaign should take a look at these 10 proven templates.

1. Asking the Important Question

Creating a subject line that asks an important question is one of the oldest tactics when it comes to email marketing. Even if the question seems like it has an obvious answer, planting a seed of doubt is often enough to get them to open the email.

2. The Minimalist Approach

A minimalist subject line should never be underestimated. In an inbox full of uppercase letters, clickbait phrases, and overused exclamation points, a simple email subject can be refreshing.

3. Humor and Pop Culture

For writers that have a good grasp of pop culture and current trends, adding a bit of humor to a subject line could help with conversion rates. Those that do attempt to use humor should be very certain of exactly who will be opening the email. A slightly inappropriate joke or reference could turn away a potential customer forever.

4. Personalizing the Subject

Any basic personal information that a company has on their readers should be used. Adding information such as the reader’s hometown or something that they are interested in is one of the best ways to make a subject line stand out.

5. “Scare Tactics”

Scare tactics may seem like a negative way to go about email marketing, but it can be surprisingly effective when carried out correctly. The author wants to cast some doubt and convince the reader that the email contains information that they must know immediately.

6. Creating Mystery

Everyone loves some mystery in their life, and this includes their inbox. This is often accomplished by starting a tantalizing sentence in the subject line and then cutting the sentence off before giving an answer.

7. Testimonials

If a company has had the good fortune of any noteworthy testimonials made about their products and services, then they should almost always use that information to create a headline.

8. Pertinent News

Just as an author wants up-to-date information for an article or blog, they should also leverage current events whenever possible with their subject lines. Attaching a recent or upcoming date will give a title a sense of urgency.

9. Lists

Lists are extremely popular, but they should be used sparingly in email subject lines. If the subject line promises an enticing list, then it is vital that the email is able to deliver a world-class list or the company risks losing legitimacy.

10. Developing Urgency

When going through an inbox, many people will make a decision on a specific email in under a second. Creating a sense of urgency with phrases such as “last chance” will force the reader to linger on the subject line for a few more precious moments.

Crafting effective emails and subject lines is an art that will take quite some time to perfect. For those that are still unsure of which headline to go with, it is always advisable to create 10 or more subject lines and then slowly narrow the list down until the perfect option is found.

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