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5 Easy Changes to Fix Your Email Marketing

The easiest and most profitable form of Internet marketing is email marketing.

Email marketing software is dirt cheap (when you’re starting out) and your list is made up of people who have requested info from you. You can contact them as often as you’d like about your business.

There’s a reason that most Internet entrepreneurs will tell you that the single biggest indicator of success online is the size of your email list. Not your traffic, or Facebook Likes, or how amazing your product is.

Now, whether you’ve never sent an email before, or you need to revamp the way you’re doing it now, here are 5 strategies to make more money with email marketing.

80/20 Rule

You want to make sales, right? So you need to send out tons and tons of emails that sell stuff, right?


People are interested in you for the value that you provide. They want to see your expertise and what you have to offer them. If every one of your emails pitches your product, they’ll feel like they’ve seen all you have to offer and leave your list.

With that in mind, 80% of your emails should be purely informational and helpful, and 20% should be sales emails.

Spend as Much Time on the Subject Line as the Body

Unless your business has a lot of credibility with your email list, the only factor in persuading people to open your email is the subject line.

It needs to be spectacular. Boring ones don’t get opened, and your well-crafted email won’t even be read.

Keep Emails Around 150-200 Words

Some gurus can get away with writing huge emails to people, but that’s because they have the credibility, knowledge, and practice to keep you entertained for 2,000 words. I’m guessing you’re not there yet, so your best bet is to keep it short.

However, too short can also be detrimental – so keep it 150-200 words.

Use a P.S.

Studies have repeatedly shown that the P.S. is the most read part of an email. Most people will only scan your email to see if there’s anything interesting. They’ll scroll down, looking for the end. If the last thing they see is the P.S., usually they’ll spend an extra half second on it. If the last part of the email is your name, they’re not getting any extra value.

Don’t Use a Complicated Template

Yes, lots of pictures, sidebar, and cool headlines can work well, but usually for big companies. They can get away with looking “corporate.”

However, writing a plain text email creates familiarity because it looks like someone just typed something up and sent it out. It doesn’t look like a team of marketers is trying to influence you.

I’ve seen multi-million dollar blogs send out plain text emails that sound like a friend is just sending you something informative. Go for that vibe, and you’ll see more profits.

Any other tips or tricks that you’ve used to be successful in your email marketing? Feel free to share them!

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