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7 Tips to Skyrocket your Sales with a Personalized Chatbot

Your website visitors expect you to make it easy for them to get in touch with you. The harder it is for the end-user the less likely they are to take the time to reach out. Historically contact forms have been the go-to and trusted method for your users to get in touch.

Contact forms are impersonal and don’t offer immediacy and for these reasons, there has been a shift with businesses embracing live chat and chatbots. Chatbots are a great way to increase conversions, they break up long contact forms into bite-sized pieces of information that people are more likely to fill out and give the impression that the user is speaking with a live person adding a personal touch.

While you may realize the potential messaging has for your business and the experience you offer your visitors and potential clients, you may not be sure if you are doing it the right way. Here are some tips to get you started and help you personalize their experience.

1. Start with an open-ended welcoming question.

The crucial element to a welcoming message is that it makes your business approachable and shows that you are available and accessible. Even a simple text like ‘Hi, how can I help you today?’ or ‘Welcome to (company name), how can I assist you?’ does the trick. It makes the visitor feel appreciated and noticed.
be welcoming
More importantly, it immediately shows that they can quickly contact you should they have any questions or issues. They know where to go for help and they know that their questions are readily welcome. Using an open-ended format, you create no restriction, and instead, you put the customer in charge of whether to engage you and how to do it. The messaging also cuts down on the formality, which makes your help more appealing to the customer.

2. Place yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

Your messages need to capture empathy to create rapport with the visitor. Understanding their context as they visit your site will help you add the empathy element to your messaging. Your messaging should reflect the outcomes of what your visitors expect and answers to the most commonly asked questions they are looking for. The idea is to help them arrive at the decision they want to make faster and demonstrate that you care for them.
be welcoming
You can further create a rapport by referring to your visitors by their names after they introduce themselves. The questions, messages, and content should reflect that they were written for your visitors and not what you assume they want.

3. Provide the help that is being sought

Over half of the customer’s time online is spent looking for solutions to their problems. Their perceptions and experiences matter, which is why being helpful increases your chances for conversion. The biggest frustrations for most online customers are; poor navigation and hard to find business contact details.
Provide Relevant Help
Using a chatbot allows you to offer quick answers providing the information clients need quickly in an interactive way. A chatbot is available 24/7, so whether you are asleep, at home, or traveling, your bot will provide the information being sought or guide the visitors to places they can get it. You can enrich the whole experience by using multiple choices which offer an easier way for the clients to get information with much less effort. It also allows you to route them to different paths.

You can also add links to where much of the information they are seeking will be found, and this could be a link to an article or YouTube video. Such attention and caring for your potential clients make them see how much better their lives will be if they make purchases or hire your services.

4. Express your personality in the message to achieve authenticity

Messaging allows you to speak to your site visitors in a much less formal tone. You use the language and tone you would use if you had a face to face meeting. While your email messages may still retain the formal tone, when using the chatbots, the messages should be aimed at putting the customer at ease and reflect the personality of your business.

Being authentic is especially critical if you are offering personal services where the kind of relationship you build with your client is crucial to how you perform your duties. You can add more personality to the messaging through the intelligent use of gifs, images, and videos. How you use your personality and authenticity will also help differentiate the experience you are offering your prospective clients from your competitors.

5. Use targeted messages to maintain relevance with different customers.

Speaking to your clients as if you were doing broadcast messages is easy, especially when starting with using chatbots. The mistake here is you assume that all site visitors have the same needs and you overlook their diversity. While you cannot tailor-make the messages for every individual site visitor, you can target the different groups in your market. For example, a construction contractor may have messages aimed for commercial clients and another set for residential ones and you can leverage conditional logic to change the messaging depending on how the user answers the initial question posed in the chatbot.
Provide Relevant Help
To maintain relevance with the different groups among your site visitors it is helpful to have multiple chatbots with unique messaging. This will allow you to offer different experiences to the targeted groups by giving them different conversation paths more relevant to their needs.

An excellent way of doing this is to use bots on the different pages of your site where different visitors land. For example, customers coming through organic channels like inbound links, social media and search are more likely to be seeking information regarding a topic you have written about, so they may be landing on a service page or even a blog article. A chatbot on these pages will help you lower the bounce rates and increase your engagement. You can use it to expand on the article’s topic, tell the visitor more about your business, and guide them to what they should do next. In doing so, you use the bot to convert the top of the funnel visitors.

Customers on the pricing pages indicate they are further along the conversion funnel. These are people with a high intention of buying, so the chatbot can be customized on this page to address specific questions they might have or can be set to overcome certain objections that could be holding them back. You can also use qualifying questions to learn more about the visitors and send quality leads to your sales team to follow up so that you do not lose these potential clients.

Finally, you can also set a chatbot on your landing pages. The bots on the landing pages should be structured based on what you know about the clients, usually through the UTM variable present in the URLs. These will tell you whether the client is ready to buy like those getting to your site through paid ads or those still early in the conversion process coming through organic traffic.
Provide Relevant Help

6. Use automation to switch channels based on the needs of the customer.

You can create an integrated system that allows the chatbots to switch channels depending on their relevancy and your team’s availability. Such a set-up will enable you to have the best of both worlds: a real-life assistant and an ever-present chatbot.

Live chat is directly integrated with our chatbot software. You can always hop in and take over when you are online and provide the customer with immediate real-time responses. You can also integrate your account with a Slack channel. Hence, you get notifications about visitor activity so you know when you can step in and help out on situations not adequately covered with the chatbot conversation flow. During the times when you are not available, you can set a conversation flow and allow the visitors to leave messages to which you can respond to later.
Provide Relevant Help
Use automation to provide efficiency and save time in doing simple tasks like setting up a meeting synced directly to your google calendar. All you need to do is connect a calendar service and designate your availability hours, and the automation will do the rest. You can make the meetings even more productive for the sales team, especially by using qualifying questions to ensure the customers are a good fit before allowing them to schedule on your calendar.

Whenever you are available and have someone needing immediate help or looking to make a purchase, you can easily move the conversation to a phone call and get a quick response and enrich the clients’ experience.

7. Feel free to use more emojis in your messages

Emojis have literally changed how messaging is done, and previously long and tedious texts have become enriched with emojis. They are a universal feature of texting available on all platforms. If you are not familiar with most, you can always rely on for the appropriate ones. With over 90 % of people using emojis, they are the perfect tool to make your visitors feel comfortable and set the right tone.
emoji library
Emojis have been shown to increase engagement and the opening rates of emails. They make the messages and interactions more memorable. They are handy at filling up the gap of non-verbal messages absent in messaging. When used along with videos, gifs, and images, they help add an authentic feel to your conversation flow with your site visitors.

These suggestions offer examples for you to test on your site. Your chatbot use will become more enriched with continuous use as you learn about your site visitors’ habits and preferences. Test out small steps to find out what works for your site and realize the full potential in using chatbots and as always, we are happy to help guide you through the set up of your chatbot, contact us today to get started!

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