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Ways to make your wordpress site safer

Ways to Make Your WordPress Website More Secure & Safer

If your brand has an online presence, then you need to be acutely aware of website security. The same goes for businesses that utilize WordPress, a free and open-source content management system, to host their website.  In fact, you should be prioritizing website security. 

Your website might be running on a WordPress platform, and if it is, then you absolutely need to take all necessary actions to make your business website more secure and safer. Online Media research suggests that more than 90,000 attacks are launched by hackers – just against WordPress websites – every minute. That is a startling statistic, but it is true. 

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and it powers more than 30 percent of all websites. For years, hackers have been focusing more on hacking WordPress websites. If you don’t take certain precautions, your business website could very well be hacked. That is why it is imperative that you bolster your website security on a regular basis. 

10 Steps You Can Take to Increase Your WordPress Website Security 

Your prime objective as a business owner should be to secure your WordPress website by maintaining safe accounts, and keeping them free from malicious and unauthorized log-in attempts. 

Here are some steps you can take today to strengthen the security of your website and make it safer. 

1) Use Strong Passwords  (Securing Login Procedures)

You should leverage the enormous technological advancements that are taking place in 2022. Take some time to think of more complex, not intuitive, passwords so you drastically reduce the chances of your company website being hacked. Using “1246” or “peace” won’t do it. You also need to make sure that all users with accounts of your WordPress CMS backend are utilizing strong log-in passwords, as well. 

Employing strong passwords with your log-in procedures will go a long way toward maintaining a safe and secure website for your company. 

2)     Limit Log-in Attempts (Securing Login Procedures)

When you establish a limit on how many times a user can enter the wrong credentials in a particular duration, you help to prevent the possibility of a brute-force login. You may enjoy the convenience of some hosting services and firewalls that already have this feature enabled by default. You also have the option of installing various plug-ins to make your site more secure. 

3) Do Not Make Any Account Username as “admin” (Securing Login Procedures)

It is quite likely that hackers will enter in this username in their initial try of a brute force login attempt. That is why it is vital that you create your account with any other username separate from “admin.”  Even if you already have an account by this name, proceed to create a new administrator account with a different username.  You may also use the Username Changer plugin. 

4) Enable Two-Factor Authentication  (Securing Login Procedures)

This is just about the most effective, and easiest, way to add more security to your WordPress website.  When you enable two-factor authentication, you make it so users will have to verify their log-in with a second device, such as their tablet or smartphone, to be able to gain access.   

5) Add a Captcha  (Securing Login Procedures) 

This allows you to supplement your WordPress website security by verifying that you are actually a human being and not a computer. 

6) Enable Auto-Logout  (Securing Login Procedures)    

It is best to always log out from your WordPress account when you’re done working.  Enabling auto-logout is helpful because it prevents unauthorized people from entering into your account. You may use the Inactive Logout plugin for enabling auto-logout on your WordPress account. 

7)     Update Your Version of WordPress

You are very exposed to hackers infiltrating your website when you fail to update your version of WordPress. Always be on the lookout for updates and install them promptly to free your website from the vulnerabilities that exist in older versions of WordPress.  

It is worth noting that you should first back up your site and be sure that all plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress that you will install. Then simply follow the update instructions on the WordPress official website when you update your WordPress version. 

8)     Install Security Plugins

This will enable you to manage your website security. These security plugins will handle a lot of your security-related tasks for you. This includes consistently scanning your WordPress website to detect different infiltration attempts, changes in the source files that might leave your site vulnerable, as well as preventing content theft and misuse. 

However, it is important that you ensure that the plugin you are using is well-established and a credible one. 

9)     Enable SSL/HTTPS

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) assists with encrypting the connections between your website and visitors’ web browsers. So, when you enable SSL, you can be sure that the traffic shared between your WordPress website and your visitors’ computers is safe and free from undesired interceptions. 

When you’re empowered by the enabling of SSL, you will have a major impact on the initial impressions your visitors receive when they visit your WordPress website. Web browsers such as Google Chrome will go as far as to warn its users from visiting those sites that don’t follow the SSL protocol.

If you are interested in knowing whether your WordPress website complies with the SSL protocol, simply look at your WordPress site’s Home page URL. If the URL begins with https:// — the “s” refers to “security” – then the connection is secured with SSL and your website is safe. 

10)  Install a Firewall

A firewall is security software that controls both the incoming and outgoing traffic of each network. It is situated between two or more networks.  It essentially serves as a barrier between a trusted and untrusted network and stops unauthorized traffic from entering your network or system. 

You are taking a big step in protecting your WordPress site when you install firewall plugins.  

A Safe & Secure WordPress Website is Vital to Your Business’s Interests 

Cybercrime poses one of the greatest threats to your company right now. It doesn’t matter if you are a small start-up or a large company, your website is under constant attack, which leaves you vulnerable to hackers unless you take these aforementioned measures to strengthen your site’s security. 

Keep in mind that the same technological capabilities that help your business thrive, are the same high-tech advances that hackers leverage to threaten your WordPress website. Maintaining your website security is easy to do and it doesn’t cost your company anything. 

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